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A casino is not just a place that attracts many people to a particular game, but the whole culture has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Many players visit such establishments in the first place not only in an attempt to build up their capital but also to gain valuable experience of interaction, especially with other players and croupiers. Many games depend only on a good host, because even an attractive game at first glance can acquire entirely new, unique contours and make the player return to it more and more often. The same thing works on the scale of the casino as a whole, and professional croupiers can become its calling card. This is an absolute and undeniable plus for land-based casinos, which until recently was the main bone of contention in the dispute over which is better, land-based or online.

Now this question does not cause an unambiguous answer, because Internet sites can develop much faster and already offer a very extensive set of various functionalities that can shake the scales in their direction for an hour. One of these innovations was the live casino, which turned the game around. You can ask what is so remarkable about them, and we will answer that there is a lot.

  • First, they remove the main disadvantage of online casinos, which has always been the lack of interaction between the player and the opposite side. All the time gamblers spent in a game that works at the expense of simple lines of code, which cannot give live communication. The same was true for board games, which always meant interaction in the first place. And now, live dealers have solved this problem, becoming a kind of bridge between the player and the online casino.
  • Secondly, no one has canceled the convenience of online casinos, which consists of the ability to play anywhere at any time. Games with live dealers were able to integrate very well into this scheme. It is important to note that the presence of the dealer's camera does not imply the need to turn it on from the player's side; rather, even you cannot turn it on. On the one hand, for some, this may become a kind of incomplete interaction, but on the other hand, most are much more comfortable being anonymous in this regard.
  • Thirdly, all croupiers in each live casino online are professionals in their field to the core. They also learn all the basics and hone their skills before checking their skills in detail. Sometimes, the preparation of a dealer in an online casino is much more complicated and complex due to the need to know many languages ​​to conveniently interact and play a game.
  • Fourthly, the main point of disputes between players in online casinos is removed, namely the presence of a random number generator, which, according to some people, can take funds from them. Of course, this is not so, because no one can just take and correct the lines of code, especially since providers have never given online casinos access to their products. The outcome of each match is decided right in front of the players, thanks to the fact that the croupiers play all the cards just like in a land-based casino. All attributes of the game, be it playing decks, chips or anything else, are unpacked right in front of users to once again notify them of 100% honesty of what is happening on their screen.

Summing up all of the above, the possibility to play live casino is a real blessing for players because a real analogue of a land-based casino appears in their pocket or on the table at home. At any time, in any place, everyone can plunge into the world of gambling with live croupiers and enjoy the gameplay, which is not only not inferior to a regular casino but surpasses it in some aspects. But do not rush to disperse, because this is just the beginning of our review of online casinos with live dealers in South Africa. Next, you will find bonuses, the best gaming providers and, of course, tips for the game.

How to play live dealer casino

Gamblers often ask themselves the question of how to play this or any other entertainment at an online casino. This, at first glance, simple question requires a detailed explanation, because with a proper understanding of the game, a gambler can not only start doing what this or that entertainment requires of him, but also get maximum satisfaction and return from it in the form of big payouts. So we would like to begin our analysis of this topic with the technical aspects of the game. Once you have completed the gambling project registration procedure and made a deposit, you choose the game type with a live dealer. Once you have chosen a particular genre, you can finally move on to the gameplay.

  • Connect to the game lobby. As with any other board game in which other players are present, the betting process will only begin after all the seats have been filled and all players are ready to start. In the lobby, you can chat with other users using the in-game chat. It is important to note that you can only correspond with the players because the functions of voice chat or video chat in such games simply do not exist. Another important aspect is the fact that the player cannot interact with the dealer in any way, only through bets. Voice chat and video chat are also not available for interaction with the dealer.
  • Listen to directions from a live dealer. After all, players have confirmed their readiness, it is time to prepare for the game itself. The croupier talks about all the necessary aspects of a certain genre and can remind the rules to those players who have forgotten them and start showing the inventory. All playing cards and chips are prepared for each game to ensure maximum fairness. A live dealer unpacks them right in front of the players. Playing cards (if it is blackjack or poker) are placed in a special machine that shuffles them in random order.
  • Start placing your bets. The preparation process has completely come to an end and now players can go directly to the game itself. As usual, each game starts with the users' bets, regardless of the game. In some games gamblers have to compete against other players, in the same entertainment as blackjack and baccarat, it may be necessary to beat the dealer. We do not advise you to place your bets chaotically. For each of the board games, some special tactics and strategies allow you to follow certain algorithms to increase your chances of a positive outcome of the game. As for blackjack, it is completely based on the calculation of cards and game combinations, so players are advised to familiarize themselves with special tables that will tell you what moves to take with a certain outcome after the cards are dealt. But it's worth noting that these tactics may not work under certain conditions. If the deck is shuffled after each distribution, then the tactics of calculating the deck and possible options for issuing simply stops working, because the player will not be able to predict and calculate the card that will fall out after.

To beat live dealers, the player essentially needs to use the same tips as in a land-based casino, but there are still some differences.

  • Since there is no visual contact between the croupier and the player, when playing the same blackjack, he cannot understand whether he is bluffing or not from the player's emotions and facial expression.
  • If one of the players gets a winning streak, which will be marked by big payouts, then the croupier does not hesitate to change, like in a regular casino. Only Lady Luck herself, or a miscalculation in strategy, can interrupt your streak of luck. This does not exclude the emotional factor, in which the player, when changing the dealer, seems to mentally already release his winnings.
  • When playing roulette, according to the rules, the ball is always launched from the winning cell. Thanks to this, you can immediately narrow the range of possible options to a minimum and, thanks to this, predict a winning outcome.
  • Pay close attention to the actions of the dealer, because it is the cold calculation and attentiveness that will help you beat everyone and get the highest payouts.

TOP 5 software live casino in South Africa

Each casino game has a developer who is fully responsible for its release and implementation in gambling projects. Live casino games also have their providers, which have been releasing titles of this genre for more than one year. Among them, both companies specialize only in providing live casinos, and eminent creators who decided to try their hand at something new. But before moving on to listing the 5 best live casino gaming providers for South African players, we would like to tell you how it all works from the inside.

When connected to regular casino entertainment, the player, roughly speaking, simply remotely launches a script that is responsible for calculating situations and issuing results. This does not require any equipment, only a player, device and browser. But with a live casino, things are not so simple.

  • Firstly, the process itself takes place in broadcast mode, as if you were spending time on Twitch or YouTube platforms. Game software providers are forced to not only write scripts that will follow certain instructions and give out the result of the game, but they also need to do a good job with the network code. Since the game takes place in live broadcast mode, an uninterrupted connection must be guaranteed both from the player's side and from the online casino and the game itself with a live dealer. Speaking of the connection, with a low Internet speed, the player will not be able to enjoy the process because the picture and sound will constantly lag. This can lead not only to discomfort but also to the loss of bets. Therefore, game providers rent the best servers or use their own in order not to expose players and provide them with the best connection.
  • Secondly, the dealer himself is in a certain place, which in design somewhat resembles a land-based casino, but this is not entirely true. Special premises are rented, which are equipped for the needs of a live dealer. A game table is set for roulette, blackjack, poker and so on. The room itself is also equipped with many cameras. This is necessary so that players can switch between them during the gameplay and closely monitor the outcome of the game. The croupiers themselves are mostly young boys and girls who should evoke only positive emotions.

After we have covered the technical aspects of building a live dealer gameplay, you should return to the top 5 best live dealer providers in South Africa.

  1. Evolution Gaming. This is a company that is closely associated with this genre and is one of its main popularizers. It was founded back in 2006 and since then has managed to release more than 300 gaming tables with live dealers. Among them, you can find both classic games and more innovative ones in which augmented reality technologies are tested. There are also tables run by croupiers in different languages, from Turkish to English.
  2. NetEnt is a real mastodon that has been on the gambling market since 1996. In their portfolio of live dealer tables, the most famous are roulette, blackjack, hold 'em and three-card poker. Games are supported in over 22 languages.
  3. BetGames is a Lithuanian gaming provider that was founded in 2012. Their main distinguishing feature is the variety of games. Customizable table display configurations, multi-tables and, of course, broadcasts that take place every 5 minutes are also included.
  4. Lucky Streak is a Latvian provider that provides an opportunity to connect to broadcasts from Riga. The quality of the streaming data is guaranteed by the excellent network code and hardware.
  5. Ezugi is another major live casino provider. It works for all gaming markets and is player-centric. For example, a user can chat with other players during a game thanks to Facebook integration and participate in several tables at the same time.

How to start play live casino games 

The topic that we would like to reveal is the question of how to start playing at a live casino at all. The answer can be very simple because formally it does not differ from the usual game in a regular online casino. A detailed explanation will not require long stories, so let's get to the heart of the matter.

  • It all starts with the usual process of finding an online casino with live dealers. Many different review sites provide players with detailed insights. The main attribute of forming an opinion about online casinos, as always, will be the availability of bonus offers. You will be presented with no deposit or welcome promotional offers. Study them in detail and, of course, go to the issue of distributing these bonuses for the possibility to play live casino online for royalties. This is usually a sensitive topic and many gambling projects do not provide an opportunity to use free cash to gain access to bets. But interest charges on deposits have never been blocked. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the bonuses and their conditions in detail and find out about the availability of special offers specifically for a live casino.
  • Go to the website of the Internet casino and start the registration process. As always, the player needs to enter his username and password and confirm this by email, which is active. Of course, some projects require your first and last name and sometimes even an address. But do not worry, because this information will not be used against you in any way. This is supported by proof of identity with a passport and driver's license, which are needed to open access to deposits and show the honesty of the transfer of funds from the player to the casino.

● You are now officially a member of the online casino and can withdraw or decline your bonus. This decision is entirely up to you, as some online casinos raise the wagering rate to unprecedented heights and set an impossible deadline for wagering. And so, you should then decide on the game types with your live dealer. For the inexperienced player, this question can be the most difficult, as they are actually just taking their first steps in the industry and need authoritative opinions on game types. Perhaps the most popular genre for live dealers is the Queen of Gambling. Online roulette continues to attract many new players around it, simply because it combines the well-known combination of luck with the use of tactics and betting strategies. This is all supported by the presence of a live dealer who dilutes the gameplay with his commentary. Then, after the roulette wheel, you can try your hand at online poker. For the most part, it is represented and a three-card version of the game. This is because these modes are the most popular in the regular online casino due to their fast playability and variability in winning combinations and bets. Also, don't forget blackjack, which is essentially the second most popular game after roulette in the live casino segment. It is presented in different variations, from which both beginners and old hands can find something for themselves. For novice players, they can try playing a version of blackjack where the dealer's cards are face up, learn all the nuances of the game and gain experience for further play.

Now you can start playing directly, but for now, we will provide you with a list of the best casinos with live dealers in South Africa in our opinion.

  • Swift casino
  • Springbok Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • Yebo casino
  • Rich casino

You can go to the websites of these gambling projects and find out about the availability of all games with a live dealer, as well as about bonuses that will help you get settled in a gambling project and start your gaming career right now.

TOP bonuses today

As everyone knows, bonuses are largely used to promote any project to the masses. Every business that has opened in the past, whether it's a food delivery service or an online casino, uses promotions to drive traffic from visitors. In gambling projects, these bonus offers mostly affect the player's initial capital. In other words, they don't discount the purchase of some services, but increase the player's purchasing power. It can be a percentage accumulation in the player's account of the deposit amount, free spins on some games such as online slots or other similar games, or free cash that players receive literally for nothing.

We've already told you that when choosing an online casino, the first thing you need to do is look carefully at the availability and variety of bonus offers. Now we'll tell you about the most common bonuses at online casinos in South Africa.

No deposit bonus. This offer is not provided in all gambling projects, but finding it is worth the effort. It provides an opportunity to receive completely free royalties for registration in an Internet project. But it's worth noting right away that you shouldn't worry about the fact that fried cheese is only in a mousetrap. Of course, these royalties are not completely free and they need to be wagered in a certain amount and sometimes for a certain period, but if the player does not do this, then in fact he will not lose anything. Here is a list of the best no deposit bonuses for South African players:

  • Kings Chance Casino will give you 30 free spins for a specific Reels of Wealth slot;
  • Thunderbolt Casino will give you up to R250;
  • Punt Casino will provide players with live casino games up to R200.

It is important to note that no deposit bonus rarely applies to play live casino South Africa due to its features in the form of only free funds, and games with a live dealer require real money.

More advantageous for players in live games is the welcome bonus, which of course doesn't allow you to play completely free and win real money, but opens up access to a wider range of opportunities thanks to higher percentages. This promotional offer is activated on the player's first deposit. He, in turn, can only make them once the account is registered with the online casino. The welcome bonus can be found on every South African goblin project and also has wagering requirements. This indicator describes the amount of bonus that must be earned while playing in order to withdraw it. It usually ranges between 35x50x and has an almost undefined nature.

Below we bring you a list of the very best bonuses for South African live casino players:

  • Europa Casino will provide a player in a live casino with 300% on a deposit;
  • OrientXpress Live has a 100% bonus of up to €200;
  • Loki Live Casino will provide you with up to €1000 at 100% accrual.

Also, do not forget about bonuses for regular players, which can be timed to specific events within a gambling project, or holidays. Many online casinos use loyalty programs to reward loyal players and encourage deposits from them. Royalties from VIP programs can be accrued in the form of a monthly cashback from transactions or in the form of increased interest on each deposit.