Crusade for Art depends on private donations of all shapes
and sizes to fund our programming and content generation.

When you give to Crusade for Art, you are supporting initiatives like the Crusade Engagement Grant, the FOCAL POINT curation project, the Crusade Supported Art (CSA) program, and the development of future initiatives.


You count on us, and we count on you.


Collectors Building Collectors Art Donation Program

In November 2012, Will Lobb, and Atlanta collector and arts patron, heard about the special project Crusade for Collecting on NPR during his morning commute to work. Inspired to help cultivate a new crop of collectors, Will came up with the Collectors Building Collectors program to help fund the tour and other Crusade for Art projects.

How it works

Established art collectors can help cultivate a new crop of art collectors by making a tax-deductible donation of art. The donated artwork gets sold on the secondary market at auction and the resulting cash goes toward funding Crusade for Art.

See it in action

Crusade patron, Will Lobb, talks about his idea to help fund the Crusade for Collecting Tour: the Collectors Building Collectors Program.  Watch the short video below:

Become a Patron

If you believe in the power of art and the importance of building audiences for it, we would love your support! Click here to make a tax-deductible donation, or contact Jennifer Schwartz to discuss donating artwork through the Collectors Building Collectors program.